More new stuff and Tsunku Graduates??

2 Apr

Just as i was about to sit down to type this post out, the phone rang.
it was my brother’s school asking me to run his lunch box over because he forgot it today and it has his medication in it.
what, he can’t run home to get it himself??
good job we only live 5 minutes away from the school or he’d be going hungry.
ugh. he’s 16 for goodness sake!
make him get it himself. HE forgot it.


so i’ll be right back and i’ll carry on typing then..


ok i’m back.
man, school has really changed since i was there. loads of random temporary buildings. they’re all really ugly and stuff. lame.

anyways, first off, Stardust has already reported on this. but i thought it was hilariously funny.
Basically the Taiwan H!P site posted a false statement that Tsunku made saying that he was also graduating from Hello! Project.
it fooled soooooo many people and was even posted up on the Oricon and japanese Yahoo websites!
it fooled loads of people. even Tsunku himself!
it was highly entertaining to read about.
Also, Hello! Online posted up a post about Manoeri finally releasing some interesting music and that Tsunku purposfully made her into an i-DULL.
as far as April fool’sjokes go, that one was pretty lame.
the language used for the post was way too immature and to be honest, although true (come on, manoeri’s music isn’t exactly great stuff) was actually kind of mean.
never the less, people fell for it.
i think i was pretty ready for April fool’s day this year…. I’m proud to say i wasn’t fooled. although a few days ago i did fall for Wahi’s Momoko Graduating post. i told Paul and even he believed me. lol! ah it was a good early april fool’s. well done to Wahi for that. xD

In anycase, Manoeri’s new single is actually pretty good!
much more interesting than her last stuff. so H!O was telling the truth.
good. maybe i’ll begin to like her……

Right i have 5 minutes till i gotta leave for work. Y_Y
so, my new stuff.
i was browsing ebay a few weeks ago and i came across some good Sayu merchandise!
you can never have enough Sayu merch so the second i saw them i bought them.
the only problem was that the poor guy ibought them from had to wait for about 3weeks before i could pay for them.
on the top is a Sayu mini towel.
i think i’ll probably turn this into a mini pillow like my nono one.
in my quest to have a bazillion H!P towel pillows. ><
under that is a Sayu mouse mat. she’s in her Osaka Koi no Uta outfit too. i really do love that song and PV so i’m happy about that. ^^ i’m sticking to my other sayu mouse mat cause it’s bigger but no doubt this one will find it’s own home somewhere.

and now i’m off to work. ^_^



3 Responses to “More new stuff and Tsunku Graduates??”

  1. Jin April 2, 2009 at 11:00 pm #

    Haha, I’m slick like that sometimes. xD
    Can’t blame me for not saying it was fake though. 😛 I linked to it. xD I’m just afraid people would have thought it was real. ^-^’

    • hexi2008 April 4, 2009 at 11:40 am #

      Jin/Wahi: yeah it’s true. i should have clicked the link.


      Rad: Yeah! i want aibon to sing again. and i want Ayaya to sing something decent. cause her most recent stuff hasn’t been too amazing……. poor ayaya.

  2. Rad April 4, 2009 at 3:04 am #

    What? Tsunku graduate? Hmm. Maybe that’s not so bad. The Elder Club could then make a comeback, then Aibon, then Megumi …

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