Tonight’s magic trick…….

3 Apr

Cream puffs!

I’m going to try and make Shu Cream puffs……

this is going to be interesting.

wish me luck! I’ll post photos when i’m done and type it up on my cookery blog!


3 hours later:

i’m obviously a genius!

i had NO idea what i was doing and i still managed to pull it off!

i didn’t know what the pastry/dough was meant to look like or how big i was meant to make the blobs.

so i tried out a few and it turns out that the cooking time that’s given isn’t suitable for larger ones and you need to make the time longer.


the info will be up on my cookery blog. ^^

Chibi Totoro

Chibi Totoro



One Response to “Tonight’s magic trick…….”

  1. Lizzie April 7, 2009 at 5:13 pm #

    Cute Cookie

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