Oh Em Gee

4 Apr

Apparently i’m a genius.

I just spent almost the entire day working on my pattern for my Amulet Dia cosplay and it is soooooooo hard!!!!

i don’t think i’ve ever put together such a hard pattern!

i now totally get why someone who i’m in a group with for Expo is buying hers.
it’s stupidly hard and not for the faint hearted or people who have never made a pattern before.

luckily we have lots of newspaper hanging around so i’ve been using that for the pattern pieces.
otherwise i’d be screwed.

decided to do the sock/boot things Shugo Chara Egg style and make big legwarmers.
i’ll probably structure them with chicken wire but for the main part they’ll just be massive legarmers. not worn knee high ones before…. hmm…..

i’ll post a photo of the collection of patterns when i’m done with them all. ><

In other news there is a preview of the new singles from Guardian 4 and Buono! up on H!O.

Can i just say: OMG I LOVE THEM!
Omakase Guardian! is such a good opening for Shugo Chara. it sounds so nice! and it’s really nice to hear Mittsi and Nakki and KumaBear
It’s just a realy cool up beat song. it’s cute but pretty-sounding at the same time and i’m really excited about this song now!

The new Buono! Single MY BOY is pretty cool too! it’s quite rocky sounding with alot of guitar and it’s complete different to Co. no. mi. chi. it’s awesome. i really like it.

Can’t wait for the PVs for these. and to hear them in full. awesome.

Here’s the link to the H!O previews

i should really catch up with Shugo Chara Doki…….
but i can never be bothered to sit down and watch anime anymore. i have too much to do.



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