Hangry and Angry new single!

11 Apr

Sorry for the lack of updates but i’ve been having some personal life problems recently and been a bit distracted. ^_^”

HANGRY & ANGRY’s new single “SadisticDance” was released on Japan files today!

I’m still not too sure on this one.
i like all the synths and the cool keyboard work but it’s missing the heavy guitar.
it’s still pretty awesome though
in that thumbnail Yossie looks pretty damn evil…… O.o not too sure what i think of the hair although in a different style it’d look hawt.
Charmy’s hat is love.

It’s easter tommorrow!
And look! The Easter bunny is here!


hope everyone manages to keep the weight off during this important religious holiday.
i know what easter is all about really.
trying to keep trim while scoffing chocolate right?

what does chocolate have to do with the ressurection of jesus anyways?

anyways back onto more pressing matters.
Progress for Amulet Dia is going well!
I’m now at the frustrating i-don’t-have-enough-fabric-but-i-don’t-have-enough-money-to-go-buy-more-fabric-so-i-can-keep-going phase. so i’m currently entertaining myself with the 2006 summer Wonderful Hearts concert and making the Humpty Lock and styling a wig to test it out.
so yeah. all good (frustrating) fun!

my progress.
I’m not actually that happy with it. the middle part of the bodice is too see-through as is the cream layer of the skirt so when i get more fabric i’ll be taking them both apart and lining them with more cream. sheeting was a dream to work with but it was really too thin for me to be happy with.

right i’m off to watch Dr Who!



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