Happy Birthday Yossie and Airi!

11 Apr

So it’s officially their birthdays in Japan.
because they’re what….. 12 hours ahead?

in anycase, a big Happy Birthday to Yossie and Airi!

Ah my favourite H!P (or not anymore as the case may be. Y_Y) girl.
Celebrate the big two-four with a glass of wine!
What’s beter than celebrating your birthday at a massive anime convention with a whole ton of screaming american fans??


And to the one-who-shares-the-same-birthday-as-Yossie, Airi, Happy birthday!!!!
aahhh i remeber being 15…..

wait, what?
she’s still only 15. i totally thought she was 17!
ah well she’s still cute.
favourite Buono! girly.
I’ve been totally fangirling over her recently…..

going to the extent to name my car Ringo Airi. Ringo because she’s red and Airi because she’s a Suzuki. har har. i’m SO funny.
but it’s stuck.
i like it.



i really do love her Yaeba.

So happy birthday to them both!

What do idols wish for?
Cakey cake



One Response to “Happy Birthday Yossie and Airi!”

  1. Masa April 13, 2009 at 12:06 pm #

    They wish for ponies and for old men to stop drooling.

    It’s Masa from the Guild 😀

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