Guess what just made my day????

17 Apr

That can wait my friends, that can wait. XD

I’m currently eating a Ramune flavoured lollipop!

anyways, in other news, Buono!’s newest signle PV has been released on Hello! Online
This single is still just as awesome as when i first heard it and i’m not afraid to say that i love it either.
All the girls look good (Airi especially) and i’m really liking this new voice of Momoko’s.
It’s just so nice and…… there.
and so Momo but so not at the same time.
Airi is of course the star of this PV and i don’t care if she’s shunned to the left all the time.
Miyabi is still….. Miyabi. *shrug*

yesterday i paid for my 2 phone straps from Ohta.
it came to nearly £60…… I’m very……. shocked at myself.
i love phone straps but never thought i’d spend THAT much on only 2 of them.
but i know i friend who spent £50 on just one keyring before now so i guess it’s better than that…….. *cough*

Also a quick thing before i start on my excellent and amazing news that totally made my week (considering it’s been pretty crap the past couple days):
There’s a friend out there who i need to apologise to from the bottom of my heart.
You know who you are and i don’t know if you’d still read my blog or not but i’m just so so sorry for everything that’s happened.
I just want you to know that i’ll be keeping this blog up to date mainly for you, so you know how i am.

I’m sorry.

And with that gloomy not over and done with:
onto my great news.

So a few months ago i got in touch with Iceymoon over on and asked her to do me a favour.
Because it’s been looking fairly unlikely recently that Hangry and Angry were coming to the UK when i could afford it, i asked her if she wouldn’t mind trying to get my Hangry and Angry shirt signed for me.
She very kindly obliged and i got an email from her today telling me that she’s sorry she couldn’t email back but she’s been very ill (get well soon icey).
The bad news was that people were limited to only 1 item to get signed per person but the good news was that she joined the line again.
the great news is she got it signed
and the amazing, fantastic news is that Yossie thought it was “sugoi” an Rika said something along the lines of “honto ni kawaii”!!!!!

So not only have i got shirt that has been signed by the two girls (even if it is signed hangry and angry) i also have a shrit that the girls and been in the proximity of and have TOUCHED!
so i am waaaaay psyched to get this shirt back now! >ww<

and that is my news.

Off to town tommorrow to get some fabric for my nearly finished cosplay! yay!!!! finally!!



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