My own cuddle list and “Are you SURE that’s not Rika?????”

17 Apr

So i’ve been reading around and in true Hello!Blog and Morningtime style, they’ve both posted their own versions of Wotaku now’s “Cuddle list”. a fun twist on the Hello!BLog poll and if there’s a member rating to take part in, i’m right no that bandwagon.
So in true Radio Hexi style, her is also my own “Cuddle List”

Number 1:
Yoshizawa Hitomi – i’m sorry what was that? so typical of me? the girl is drop dead gorgeous! of COURSE i want to spend a while in the early hours of the morning cuddling her!!

Number 2:
Ishikawa Rika – yes yes yes please. she just looks so huggable. *Gyu*

Number 3:
Suudou Maasa – same point as Rika. she’s like a teddy bear! not in a KumaBear way though.

Number 4:
Ogawa Makoto – Caus i luffles her. she really is adorable in her own Mako way. Abso-mako-lutely.

Number 5: Mittsui Aika – She has the face of a cat. but i can’t have a cat cause i’m allergic. so Mittsi will have to do.

Number 6: Michishige Sayumi – her skin looks like it would feel like…… like……. like……… something lovely soft and squishy. memory foam? no? ok no.

Number 7:
Tsuji Nozomi – ok so she’s technically not Tsuji anymore but whatever. i stille :heart: her and want to keep her.

Number 8:
Suzuki Airi – How could i skip out on my favourite Buono! girl?? i can’t so there. she’s adorable and i want to!

Number 9: Youko (Lightbulb) – Youko wasn’t in my original H!P ranking but she was going to be if she wan’t over taken by Nono and a few others.
she just looks really huggable.

Number 10: Fukada Kanon – she’s like a little doll! especially in that adorable Amulet Clover cosplay. in a totally non-sexual way: yes please!

Hmm: my list once again seems to differ from the guys’ ones.
Mainly because i am female! and although i swing that way, apart from Yossie and possibly sometimes Rika, i don’t think of the girls in H!P like that.
I’m a good perv.
For example, my list doesn’t include Yui, Erika or Saito Hitomi. they all have……. large assets though so i can see why at least 2 if not all 3 featured in they boys’ lists.
well done for that guys. XD

So i was watching the 10th anniversary Natsu Matsuri Summer H!P concert today and while watching the song Tanpopo performed by Gaki, Marippe, Rika and Ayumi i was looking at Rika going “who does she look like?????2 and then it hit me.
With those wings and that flowery thing on her head, she looks almost exactly like Mercedes from Odin Sphere. she even has her hair tucked behind her ear in that cute wat to make her ears look all pointy.

00000rikaSorry for the awful screencap. ^^”


Such a cute cosplay. would love to make it one day.



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