Amulet Dia coming at the speed of light!

20 Apr

So the progress for Amulet Dia is coming along swimmingly! about time too!

i wasn’t happy with the skirt bodice, sleeves or legwarmers…. so pretty much the entire thingso the other day i visited fabric land and bought some new fabric to play with like i said.

Decided to post some photos as i have now completed the dress apart from the collar and also the sleeves.

first i started by un-picking the bodice from the boob part and also taking the skirt off. then i cut it to the right length and re-cut the pattern pieces. then i put all the pieces together and did all the pleats and tucks right this time before sewing them to the top leaving one side open.

then i un-picked all the pleates from the skirt and cut more fabric for that and sewed it over the top before putting all the pleats in again and ironing them flat.
then i atatch the skirt to the bodice again leaving on side open.

then onto the sleeves. way too see-through, so i unpicked them and added for fabric to the inside of them before sewing them shut and adjusting them to my proper arm width.
originally they were going to be attatched to the dress but that would have left me with limited arm movement so i decided to do a Shugo Chara Egg! and just double side-tape them to my arms instead. ^^

after all that i sewed the zip into the dress and also attatched the wings into the back.
the good thing is with the extra layers of fabric it makes the skirt heavy which will counter balance the wings up top. also, the top of the bodice is quite tight so it’ll stof the dress from riding up during the day. ^^



For the HUmpty lock i bought a big-ish padlock and some heart shaped gems. i couldn’t find any gold ones so i bought silver.
at first i decided to scrape the silver off the back and paint them gold which did work and looked ok but after hunting around i dcided it wasn’t good enough, so i used the left over hearts with silver still on instead.
for the setting parts behind the hearts i used model magic painted gold and the the bit at the front that looks like an anger sign is the same.
the keys to the padlock came on a split ring and i used that on the loop of the padlock so when it’s strung on the ribbon it’ll hang straight.


So here is the whole cosplay together. minus the sleeves.

and collar.


My wig is on order too. and i’ve almost finished the headset.
just needs a couple layers of paint and details.

the wig is a long one which will be pulled into 2 low pony tails and pinned up into the right syle. the hair is long enough to cover the bands at the bottom i think so it should be alright.

^_^ almost finished!!!!!


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