24 Apr

ELder Club grad DVD is here!

Hells yes!

THE DVD of this month i think

please don’t mind if i appear in tears.

it’s not my fault!!!!

I’m now off to watch it. they’ve already started “Ame No Furanai blah blah darou?” !


Who the F*CK styled yossie hair??

who the F*UCK let the stylist get away with it?????????

10 minutes later: she still looks hot though…… *drool*

5 minutes later: Ohtani has some meat on her huh?

10 minutes later: Marippe really has got an outstanding singing voice. Tanpopo really is an awesome song. ❤

3 mins later: YAY! Mako!!

2 seconds later: YAY! Kemeko!!

1second later: Yay! Yossie! f*ck me she is so amazing. gah. BABY! Koi ni Knockout needs to be longer!

ever notice there’s always the same woman yelling yossie’s name at concerts??????? she’s the ULTIMATE fan! she’s there at EVERY filmed concert yossie is in!
seriously, listen out for her. she’s there in alot of the recent concerts.

1 minute later: isn’t that the same hat ayaya wore at Aibon and Nono’s grad concert???????

5 minutes later: YAAAAAAYYYY!!!! NONO!!!!!!

10 minutes later: aww watching ICM struggle with japanese is so sweet. i’d be crying if i was in PeiPei’s place. i’d have cried from embrrassment! XD

Suki na Senpai: Any one else realised this is the 2nd time that the gokkies have sugn this song at a grad concert and it’s because the same 2 members are leaving….. again……. weird much???

5 minutes later: OMG Kaorin has a dead flamingo on her head!!! a whole one!!!!

Koko no Iruzee: it’s so nice to see them all just basically pissing about on stage. it’s nice to see smiles when there’s so many tears to come! Y_Y


Love Machine: and Missti has adead swan stuck to the back of hers. lol!

5 minutes later: Ayaya looks good in yellow: that poor canary……….

10 minutes later: *sniffle* it’s sad. but a teary Yossie is so Moe.


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