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Rainbow 7

31 May

I’m currently watching the Morning Musume 2006 Rainbow 7 concert and i decided to post up my thoughts on it.

First of all, i’d like to say that this and the 2006 wonderful hearts winter were my first 2 H!P concerts i watched and Rainbow 7 has always been my favourite of all the concerts i’ve seen so far.
that and Morning Curry.
odd how they’re both from the same year.
simply because 2006 was a good year for morning musume i think. apart from Mako and KonKon graduating i’ve always considered 2006 one of the best years.
just because all the concerts were great!

Yossie isn’t exactly on top form voice-wise in this concert though. except for in Mushoku Toumei na Mama de
but to make up for it we get Rainbow Pink-u!

i so have to cosplay one of them at some point….. why does Sayu always get the most adorable outfits? >w<
also means i can re-use my koha Chance! wig if i do that. wai!

anyways back onto Rainbow 7.
i just love it.
The album is awesome. i love it. such an excellent range of songs and not too much Ai and Reina which, although the album came way before we had that problem, is a nice relief to listen to.
i love the cover and booklet outfits, those dresses are amazing! and i'd love to see one up close. just to be able to see just how much detail there is. you can make out ruffles and stuff on the album cover but i think you'd really need to get up close to see it properly.
according to wikipedia i have the limited edition version of it but there's no extras there so i guess not.
that would have been cool. lol! it was my second H!P album and i only bought it cause of the name. XD

i have to say though. i hate Ai's version of Osaka oi no Uta. had to go ruin my favourite H!P song huh?
but Indigo Blue Love…. ah! such an awesome song!!
THAT'S why Eri should have more lines!

Now i'm off to hunt for decent screen caps of the Rainbow Pink dresses. wish me luck!

EDIT: I’m having H!P withdrawl symptoms. hello pro land aren’t getting back to me about my items and i’m DYING to get them! i need my Sayu fix!!!


Jewel Pet

30 May

So this evening i’ve been watching some of Jewel Pet, the new anime series from Sanrio that Kamei Eri voices the main character of.

It’s actually very enjoyable. like a mixture between Mermaid Melody, Pretty Cure and something else i can’t remember.

I’ve actually noticed a few distinguishable voices in this after only watching the first part of episode 1.

First there’s the obvious voice of Kamei Eri, and i have to say she suits voice acting perfectly. her voice is so soothing and nice. you can almost see her at it too, pulling cute eri faces. ><

on an off-note did anyone watch the Britain's Got Talent final tonight?
Gongrazzles to Diversity! they were on top form tonight though.
i usually have a life but this year was good. *nod*

We Welcome This Happiness

29 May

and by “We” i mean “I”.

and do you know WHY i’m so happy right now?
No it’s not because it’s the weekend.
No it’s not because i’ve just eaten the world’s most satisfying ice lolly either
(it’s just Amburgers and Wootbeer okay?)

I’m happy because it is the begining of my week off! one whole glorious week in which to do nothing but sunbathe, read and prat around with my sewing machine.
i dunno what i’ll do actually.
probablly all of those.
and i’ll probably venture up to London to set up camp in Forbidden Planet and things too.
cause i haven’t been to london in a while and the last time i did it was a bit….un-fun….. and didn’t get everything i needed…. so yeah!!


Looking forward to sleeping.

Today at work was soooooooooo hot! the rabbit was all stretched out and panting, poor her.
so because of the heat alot of things annoyed me.
like, just HOW many people do you see right now with babies?
seriously! did they all like pop out at the same time???
and you see loads of pregnant women around too!
keeping each other warm in winter huh?
but the thing i hate most about pregnant women is when they stand there rubbing their bellies.
uh hello? yeah we can SEE you’re pregnant, don’t need to hypnotise us into staring at it. kthanks


sorry, rant over for today.

meh meh meh.
i do love hot weather though. when i’m actually able to go out in it that is.
but i’m really bad in the sun. i can only sunbathe for a few minutes at a time without having to go inside.
i’m terrible *sweatdrop*

need to buy my new bikini actually….

yay! summer’s coming!!!!

On a random note. i just added up how much my anime and manga collections are worth…. it’s shocking.
Anime: £520
Total: £1135.12


What, are there like, no good looking girls in Korea?????

27 May

So there pictures for the new H!P korean group are out and i have to say i’m very underwhelmed.
there are loads of them that look like bad look-a-likes of current members (although i suppose if they were THAT bad they wouldn’t look like them at all. :S)


korean girls

2: looks like Rika.
4 = Sawachan from Ongaku Gatas
5: looks like a round cheeked Risako
6: look it’s Guu-chan!
8: Reina
9: JunJun
11 looks a bit like ManoEri mixed with Shokotan
12: there’s a bit of Mikitty in there
15: Shimizu Saki

hmm…… couldn’t they find pretty girls who didn’t look like surrent members? We already have manoeri who looks like everyone so we’ve got that covered.

in anycase i’m quite interested to hear what these girls have got. loving the Lolita. ^^

I have a photo of my Phone Strap collection too (see previous post)


i love phone straps.
alrighty so from right to left we have:
gingerbread bunny. bought from Cute Plush
Nono and Ribbons: the ribbons i got free from a cracker this christmas and it goes really nicely with my Nono strap so they were put together.
Furuba: my first elaborate phone strap. i got it at last may’s Expo
Stars and PomPoms: bought from the Mr Panda shop in China town. loved it too much to put it back. ^^
White Shoe: gift rom Tomoko!
Kyo Cat face: bought in Milton Keynes while at a cosplay meet with some pals.
Cinnamon Roll Grapes: a mini present from the boyfriend for christmas. it’s supposed to light up but the battery ran out
Minnie Mouse Doughnut: present from Tomoko!
Chocolate stap: present from Tomoko!
Totoro strap: the oddest strap i have as it doesn’t actually look very good on my phone. so it stays in it’s packet. bought last May Expo!
Hello Kitty Pom Pom: Got in a gashapon pod thing at Expo this weekend
Platinum 9 Disco – Sayumi and Mittsi: my current favourites. the Sayu one inhabits my camera and my Mittsi one lives on my phone.
Yossie Sexy 8 Beat strap: Birthday gift from special friend. my only Yossie strap and probably the only one i’ll be able to find. also very much loved. lives next to my Mittsi strap.

and there we have it. my ever expanding phone strap collection. XD



Night Night, Lilly!

Quick Koha update

25 May

Tidying my room so this is only a quick update.
type up of Expo will come later.

I have the basic dress pretty much finished now. the red dress is pinned to the white dress and it folds down and everything and it’s all nice. just got the red dress skirt to make and attatch to the inside and the small details to do as well as attatching invisible bra straps to it to hold it up. ^^
doesn’t sound like alot of stuff but it as when i only had 4 days left till expo, 2 of which were free to work on it and one of which was taken up by my boyfriend’s present. so it was hectic. hope to be finishing it soon though so stay tuned, don’t touch that dial and we’ll be right back after these messages.

etc etc etc.

sorry for the sideways photo!!! >A<
top dress pinned to under dress

Sorry for the sideways photo again!

Sorry for the sideways photo again!

red dress with white dress folded down.

the skirt will cover the white dress and will tuck inside the pocket that the 2 dresses make when they’re are velcroed together. ^^


22 May




ah hell, let’s get drunk*!
a shitty week deserves a decent end! ><


although it's sad i won't be doing Koha now.
but that's not my fault. work and complete lack of time is to blame.
actually, i did start it stupidly late huh???

ok it's my fault.

*i won't actually be getting drunk. otherwise i will never get to expo in the morning.



Berryz Koubou – Seishun Bus Guide and an Early Birthday

18 May

Well i have to say that i am loving the new Berryz PV!
It’s a pretty damn good one! much better than their last few and i’m really glad to be seeing some PVs with a half decent storyline too!!

I love it! the story line, the introduction, the cross dressing and all that wonderful purple PVC…. it’s just a good video and cracked me up when i saw it!

I was going to post a nice long Picspam but can’t work my boyfriend’s Macbook so there’s another reason i won’t be buying one for my birthday.

onto the birthday gifts!!

a really close friend gave me these and i really can’t say thank you enough!! i LOVE them and i’m totally chuffed. can’t stop smiling!!!

Alrighty, first on my wonderful list of excellent presents is:

the bitty bits!
all sorts of lovely little extras. >< left ti right: Yossie phone strap!!!! HELLS YES!!!, yossie photo, not her most attractive but she still looks freaking awesome so it’s ok, Yossie stickers i’m still debating whether to stick the to anything or not, and a Yossie 19th birthday card, very well picked cause it’s my 19th!!

sorry for the sideways photo!

sorry for the sideways photo!

Yossie Sexy 8 Beat towel!! I am SO SO SO SO happy with this and it is TOTALLY being turned into a Pillow to go on my bed!!!!!

and now, the very best of all!!!

Yes folks that IS Yossie’s autograph.
my boyfriend is really put out because he knows he can’t top that. which suppose is true but i don’t really mind. ^^