As Promised #2

5 May

I promised a friend a little while ago that i’d be updating my blog with a few sewing techniques and the such like.
i asked her what she wanted me to start off with and she said to just start with some simple hand stitches and things.
so i was all like: ok!
so here are some simple stitches for Wraith.

I actually included a Blanket stitch on this piece of fabric but i won’t explain that now.

Starting off with Running stitch!
used for tacking together pieces of fabric and generally used for a loose, temporary stitch.


Next up: Back stitch! used to applique and sewing pieces of fabric together more securely. uses twice the amount of thread as running stitch but is much more sturdy and hard wearing.
i usually use it when hand sewing accessories and things. ^_^


There we have it.
I’ll probably add more as people request them or if i think of one i should probbly add. ^^

On a different note: i did some baking today!
I made super cute cokies!
Please check them out over on the Cookery blog!
You know those adorable cookies you find in Anime? well i made some.
yes i did. check it out! ^^



One Response to “As Promised #2”

  1. Masa May 14, 2009 at 12:12 am #

    YAYYYY!!!! Thanks Hexi-sama!!

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