Koharu-a-go-go! take 2

12 May

So the Chance! dress is going fairly well for as much time as i had yesterday…. i got the white dress panels cut out and the red PVC attatched to the front. i found some fabric the right colour pink and i’ll cover it in a layer of clear PVC i happened to have and it’s all worked out fine! i’m happy about that.

So this will shock some people because i’m sure i’ve said more than a few times that i am not the biggest koha fan in the world. but i’ve actually recently begun to like her a fair bit!
I downloaded Best Kirari and Kirari to Fuyu the other day and i’ve been listening to them non-stop and i have to say i really like them. apart from Tan Tan Taan, Gamusharara, SanSan Go Go and a few other sinlges and B-sides that are on both. there is only so many times you can listen to Papancake without it becoming like a jackhammer on your brain. and that’s my favourite of her singles too!

anyways. iTunes has begun to rally bug me because for a couple of the songs, Mainly Koi whatsit Hanabiboi or whatever and Chance! on Best Kirari, the songs don’t play all the way through. they cut out near the end and miss off the last few words and lines of music. but it’s there! it is! when you fast forward through the song to the end it’s there!! so why won’t it play all the way through?????? why??
annoyed? me? why yes. yes i am.
I’m also annoyed that iTunes store has taken down so much H!P music. fair enough it’s probably not the most popular section but i get a fair bit of music from there, mainly singles and things i don’t really deem worthy of buying as a hard copy. and thanks to my new-found aversion to downloading free files, i feel incredibly guilty when i have to revert to that because like hell am i going to buy a koharu album without checking if i like it first! so thanks iTunes, thanks for helping us support the artists. not.

but anyways.

koha picspam time.
these are a few of my favourite images of hers right now. ^^

koharu2 koha4

koharu papancake1

and check out how great Yossie looks here!!!


and Sayu and Mittsi are feeling left out

sayu7 mittsi2


Sorry got a bit distracted there. anyways. the nub and gist is that the Chance! dress is going pretty well. hope my hair growns before expo. it’s a little bit too short for the pig tails! >A<


One Response to “Koharu-a-go-go! take 2”

  1. morningtime May 12, 2009 at 9:15 pm #

    Good luck with the dress. Chance is my favourite Kusumi song so I have a big soft spot for that dress.

    I’d love to know why iTunes took so much H!P stuff down. They still seem to be supporting new releases so why remove the older stuff? I’ve been using it increasingly to buy singles in recent months as it’s so hard to justify spending more than £10 or whatever to import a hard copy. I’ve been tending to stick to just buying physical copies of albums. I had been dipping into older stuff too though and at 79p a pop it was a good way of grabbing some previously overlooked tracks. If the reason was financial you’d think there’d be no newer stuff left up. It’s likely to cost H!P more with people buying newer stuff through iTunes than older stuff. If they’re were worried about physical sales or something you’d think the newer stuff would go.

    I also wish it was easier to find C-ute tracks on iTunes. They seem to ignore the “-” so searching is a bugger.

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