15 May

Going sooooooooo well, i’m so proud and happy with it so far.
my glue gun is my bestest friend right now. all of the details on the front of the dress are glued on. XD

i have now finished all the spots. all i need to do is paint the emblem on, make and attach the shoulder bows and attach the velcro to the sides and shoulders.

then i need to finish the red dress.
i actually realised that the white bit on the front was the wrong shape so i’ve had to take it off and replace it with one the right shape….. need to attach the bows to the front and the ribbon around the edge.
Tommorrow i’m going to get more red fabric because apparently i’m useless and always buy too little fabric. seriously, this cosplay is costing me close to £60 now. my most expensive so far, not to mention the most complicated……
but i’m actually really enjoying it!
i have all weekend to do the red dress so it’ll be done i think.

the only thing im worried about is that the white over-dress is actually really heavy and i don’t want the red dress to stretch when i un-velcro the white one…… i might put another layer under the first layer of red dress to re-enforce it. it’ll work out.

THEN after all that i attatch the 2 together to ake one, magnificent transforming Koha Dress.
i’m so excited!!!!!!!!!



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