Koharu-go-go!! Take 3

16 May

Alrighty…. Koharu is going very well! ^^

got the top dress all done apart from the Eblem and the frill around the bottom, for which i’m gonna be lazy and do using ribbon.

Because i have the amazing ability to ALWAYS guaranteed to make things the right size but with a too small a waist to squeeze over the “twins” i had to un stitch the side of the red dress to put a zip in. fits nicely now and i’ll probably attatch some invisible bra straps or some ribbon or something to stop it from falling down. cause it likes to do that.

I made the detail spots too small…. they looked alright until i compared the pics on my cosplayisland account and…. yeah no. too small. but i don’t have a: enough time and b: enough clear PVC to correct it with the pink dots.so i dunno.

Bought the most expensive fabric EVER!
well, my dad did cause he’s nice but still.
thats what i get for buying amazing fabric when i see it.

But but but….. it’s the Very Hungry Caterpiller fabric!! no kidding!!
but for 10.25 a metre maybe it was a bit over the top……

jesus, that’s alot of money for only a metre of fabric……

oh well my dad paid.
and it is amazing fabric…..

can i just say right here as well that 3.2.1 BREAKIN’ OUT is a FOOKING amazing song??? I’ve fallen in love. it’s not LONG enough! even the real version isn’t long enough!
gah! i want it to be longer!


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