Berryz Koubou – Seishun Bus Guide and an Early Birthday

18 May

Well i have to say that i am loving the new Berryz PV!
It’s a pretty damn good one! much better than their last few and i’m really glad to be seeing some PVs with a half decent storyline too!!

I love it! the story line, the introduction, the cross dressing and all that wonderful purple PVC…. it’s just a good video and cracked me up when i saw it!

I was going to post a nice long Picspam but can’t work my boyfriend’s Macbook so there’s another reason i won’t be buying one for my birthday.

onto the birthday gifts!!

a really close friend gave me these and i really can’t say thank you enough!! i LOVE them and i’m totally chuffed. can’t stop smiling!!!

Alrighty, first on my wonderful list of excellent presents is:

the bitty bits!
all sorts of lovely little extras. >< left ti right: Yossie phone strap!!!! HELLS YES!!!, yossie photo, not her most attractive but she still looks freaking awesome so it’s ok, Yossie stickers i’m still debating whether to stick the to anything or not, and a Yossie 19th birthday card, very well picked cause it’s my 19th!!

sorry for the sideways photo!

sorry for the sideways photo!

Yossie Sexy 8 Beat towel!! I am SO SO SO SO happy with this and it is TOTALLY being turned into a Pillow to go on my bed!!!!!

and now, the very best of all!!!

Yes folks that IS Yossie’s autograph.
my boyfriend is really put out because he knows he can’t top that. which suppose is true but i don’t really mind. ^^



One Response to “Berryz Koubou – Seishun Bus Guide and an Early Birthday”

  1. Gina May 20, 2009 at 8:17 pm #

    I’ve recently seen the awesomeness of Yossie (She’s now tied with JunJun for first place :O!) and bought myself an autograph too 😀 I seriously want her Tokyo Alice towel… god, she looks amazing.
    I’m actually going to attempt your body pillow tutorial soon as I got my JunJun towel today yay! But I think I’d better try it with something… less important haha.

    But still, you lucky lucky thing! Getting a Yossie towel and an auograph for your birthday!

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