Quick Koha update

25 May

Tidying my room so this is only a quick update.
type up of Expo will come later.

I have the basic dress pretty much finished now. the red dress is pinned to the white dress and it folds down and everything and it’s all nice. just got the red dress skirt to make and attatch to the inside and the small details to do as well as attatching invisible bra straps to it to hold it up. ^^
doesn’t sound like alot of stuff but it as when i only had 4 days left till expo, 2 of which were free to work on it and one of which was taken up by my boyfriend’s present. so it was hectic. hope to be finishing it soon though so stay tuned, don’t touch that dial and we’ll be right back after these messages.

etc etc etc.

sorry for the sideways photo!!! >A<
top dress pinned to under dress

Sorry for the sideways photo again!

Sorry for the sideways photo again!

red dress with white dress folded down.

the skirt will cover the white dress and will tuck inside the pocket that the 2 dresses make when they’re are velcroed together. ^^


One Response to “Quick Koha update”

  1. Jin May 25, 2009 at 10:54 pm #

    Haha, it’s like so spot on with the original. xD And I’ve always considered the red dress one of Koharu’s best(est ;D). xD

    Btw, got you added on my Blogroll. ^-^

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