What, are there like, no good looking girls in Korea?????

27 May

So there pictures for the new H!P korean group are out and i have to say i’m very underwhelmed.
there are loads of them that look like bad look-a-likes of current members (although i suppose if they were THAT bad they wouldn’t look like them at all. :S)


korean girls

2: looks like Rika.
4 = Sawachan from Ongaku Gatas
5: looks like a round cheeked Risako
6: look it’s Guu-chan!
8: Reina
9: JunJun
11 looks a bit like ManoEri mixed with Shokotan
12: there’s a bit of Mikitty in there
15: Shimizu Saki

hmm…… couldn’t they find pretty girls who didn’t look like surrent members? We already have manoeri who looks like everyone so we’ve got that covered.

in anycase i’m quite interested to hear what these girls have got. loving the Lolita. ^^

I have a photo of my Phone Strap collection too (see previous post)


i love phone straps.
alrighty so from right to left we have:
gingerbread bunny. bought from Cute Plush
Nono and Ribbons: the ribbons i got free from a cracker this christmas and it goes really nicely with my Nono strap so they were put together.
Furuba: my first elaborate phone strap. i got it at last may’s Expo
Stars and PomPoms: bought from the Mr Panda shop in China town. loved it too much to put it back. ^^
White Shoe: gift rom Tomoko!
Kyo Cat face: bought in Milton Keynes while at a cosplay meet with some pals.
Cinnamon Roll Grapes: a mini present from the boyfriend for christmas. it’s supposed to light up but the battery ran out
Minnie Mouse Doughnut: present from Tomoko!
Chocolate stap: present from Tomoko!
Totoro strap: the oddest strap i have as it doesn’t actually look very good on my phone. so it stays in it’s packet. bought last May Expo!
Hello Kitty Pom Pom: Got in a gashapon pod thing at Expo this weekend
Platinum 9 Disco – Sayumi and Mittsi: my current favourites. the Sayu one inhabits my camera and my Mittsi one lives on my phone.
Yossie Sexy 8 Beat strap: Birthday gift from special friend. my only Yossie strap and probably the only one i’ll be able to find. also very much loved. lives next to my Mittsi strap.

and there we have it. my ever expanding phone strap collection. XD



Night Night, Lilly!


3 Responses to “What, are there like, no good looking girls in Korea?????”

  1. morningtime May 28, 2009 at 7:38 pm #

    8 is so much like a less attractive Reina that it’s had me chuckling all day (I’m easily amused). I think 2 looks more like Eri than Rika though. I thought 4 was Noto but I always get my Gatas Eggs mixed up so maybe I’m wrong. 11 is kind of cute. She’s the only one who is for me. Even then I only said “kind of”. If number 10 was born in 1987 she’s had a hard life.

    Anyway I’m trying not to be too rude but really at least ice CreamMusume or whatever they’re called had one member who used to be attractive before hacking all her hair off. It’s better than none.

    • Hexi May 28, 2009 at 9:20 pm #

      ah you’re right. 4 does look like Nocchi. a bit of both? like Nocchi and Sawachan did that Lynx 3 thing *crashPOOF*
      1987 is only 3 years older than me….. she has a shiny face though.
      aww that’s mean, i think Youko is really pretty. granted ShenShen did look better with long hair though. a bit like Nacchi.

  2. morningtime May 29, 2009 at 12:47 pm #

    Okay Youko isn’t bad looking I’ll give you that. ShenShen with long hair though was hot hot hot!

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