We Welcome This Happiness

29 May

and by “We” i mean “I”.

and do you know WHY i’m so happy right now?
No it’s not because it’s the weekend.
No it’s not because i’ve just eaten the world’s most satisfying ice lolly either
(it’s just Amburgers and Wootbeer okay?)

I’m happy because it is the begining of my week off! one whole glorious week in which to do nothing but sunbathe, read and prat around with my sewing machine.
i dunno what i’ll do actually.
probablly all of those.
and i’ll probably venture up to London to set up camp in Forbidden Planet and things too.
cause i haven’t been to london in a while and the last time i did it was a bit….un-fun….. and didn’t get everything i needed…. so yeah!!


Looking forward to sleeping.

Today at work was soooooooooo hot! the rabbit was all stretched out and panting, poor her.
so because of the heat alot of things annoyed me.
like, just HOW many people do you see right now with babies?
seriously! did they all like pop out at the same time???
and you see loads of pregnant women around too!
keeping each other warm in winter huh?
but the thing i hate most about pregnant women is when they stand there rubbing their bellies.
uh hello? yeah we can SEE you’re pregnant, don’t need to hypnotise us into staring at it. kthanks


sorry, rant over for today.

meh meh meh.
i do love hot weather though. when i’m actually able to go out in it that is.
but i’m really bad in the sun. i can only sunbathe for a few minutes at a time without having to go inside.
i’m terrible *sweatdrop*

need to buy my new bikini actually….

yay! summer’s coming!!!!

On a random note. i just added up how much my anime and manga collections are worth…. it’s shocking.
Anime: £520
Total: £1135.12



3 Responses to “We Welcome This Happiness”

  1. morningtime May 29, 2009 at 8:06 pm #

    My week off is just ending. I’m mentally preparing for that horrible Saturday night feeling. That moment right after the Lotto draw when you know you haven’t won and now you are definitely back in work on Monday. I then spend Sunday watching and listening to as much H!P as possible to make up for how little time I have during the week. It’s a bit like recharging a battery.

    On a completely unrelated note YesAsia e-mailed me to say my Ai-chan pb won’t be sent now until June 7th. I preordered it a month ago. Gits. This isn’t relevant obviously but I wanted to get it off my chest. *Cries*

    • Hexi May 29, 2009 at 9:28 pm #

      i don’t get that horrible “oh god, it’s work again” until Monday morning. but i then have a day to mentally prepare myself so it’s all ok. >w<

      sucks about the PB man, yesasia are usually really good with my stuff.
      and they usually arrive right on the 5th day too. So Hybrid Punch should arrive tuesday. faaaaaaaantastic.

      on an irrelevant note myself, have you ever been so hyper you literally find nything and everything funny?
      yeah. i haven't even eaten an entire box of Nerds and i'm bouncing off walls. i just had a massive laughing fit over bubbles.
      not even joking.
      it was usually only Skittles that did this too me, but now i've discovered that the watermelon and wild cherry Nerds do the same thing.

      • morningtime May 30, 2009 at 12:36 am #

        YesAsia for me seem to take about a week usually.

        If I could find something that would make me laugh at anything and everything I’d buy up a years supply in one go just in case they stopped making it. Sadly sweets don’t seem to have an effect on me. I love them but there’s no actual effect on my mood. I find chocolate has a soothing effect though. And I get grouchy if I don’t have any. I don’t think I could live without chocolate. This is all totally irrelevant. :p

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