Jewel Pet

30 May

So this evening i’ve been watching some of Jewel Pet, the new anime series from Sanrio that Kamei Eri voices the main character of.

It’s actually very enjoyable. like a mixture between Mermaid Melody, Pretty Cure and something else i can’t remember.

I’ve actually noticed a few distinguishable voices in this after only watching the first part of episode 1.

First there’s the obvious voice of Kamei Eri, and i have to say she suits voice acting perfectly. her voice is so soothing and nice. you can almost see her at it too, pulling cute eri faces. ><

on an off-note did anyone watch the Britain's Got Talent final tonight?
Gongrazzles to Diversity! they were on top form tonight though.
i usually have a life but this year was good. *nod*


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