Rainbow 7

31 May

I’m currently watching the Morning Musume 2006 Rainbow 7 concert and i decided to post up my thoughts on it.

First of all, i’d like to say that this and the 2006 wonderful hearts winter were my first 2 H!P concerts i watched and Rainbow 7 has always been my favourite of all the concerts i’ve seen so far.
that and Morning Curry.
odd how they’re both from the same year.
simply because 2006 was a good year for morning musume i think. apart from Mako and KonKon graduating i’ve always considered 2006 one of the best years.
just because all the concerts were great!

Yossie isn’t exactly on top form voice-wise in this concert though. except for in Mushoku Toumei na Mama de
but to make up for it we get Rainbow Pink-u!

i so have to cosplay one of them at some point….. why does Sayu always get the most adorable outfits? >w<
also means i can re-use my koha Chance! wig if i do that. wai!

anyways back onto Rainbow 7.
i just love it.
The album is awesome. i love it. such an excellent range of songs and not too much Ai and Reina which, although the album came way before we had that problem, is a nice relief to listen to.
i love the cover and booklet outfits, those dresses are amazing! and i'd love to see one up close. just to be able to see just how much detail there is. you can make out ruffles and stuff on the album cover but i think you'd really need to get up close to see it properly.
according to wikipedia i have the limited edition version of it but there's no extras there so i guess not.
that would have been cool. lol! it was my second H!P album and i only bought it cause of the name. XD

i have to say though. i hate Ai's version of Osaka oi no Uta. had to go ruin my favourite H!P song huh?
but Indigo Blue Love…. ah! such an awesome song!!
THAT'S why Eri should have more lines!

Now i'm off to hunt for decent screen caps of the Rainbow Pink dresses. wish me luck!

EDIT: I’m having H!P withdrawl symptoms. hello pro land aren’t getting back to me about my items and i’m DYING to get them! i need my Sayu fix!!!


One Response to “Rainbow 7”

  1. jyoru June 2, 2009 at 4:21 am #

    i’ve seen this clip before and even though ‘Rainbow Pink(u)’ is one of my to-die-for H!P favorites, it still gets my goat that they lip-synch the song. Doesn’t matter, Rainbow 7 — and our consensual favorite ‘Osaka Koi no Uta’ are still high-water marks in the group’s history. Lots of luck, and I mean that from a real *and* sarcastic sense, making the ‘Rainbow 7’ dresses. I have my own sewing machine but wouldn’t know where to begin. If only I hadn’t bought the iTunes version.

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