2 Jun

Hybrid Punch is here!!

I was so excited about this, i shot straight upstairs to put it on.

i knew there was something special about today besides my 4 year anniversary. ><

so yeah! so far they've done Co.no.mi.chi and Internet Cupid.
they're both pretty good actually! Miyabi's singing is on a bit of a knife edge though. she's just about good.

Momoko is completely messing around on stage. lol!

i was just about to ask how come Airi is the only one with a different mic. but it's not. Momo's jewels are pink, Miyabi's are red and Airi's are green. heh.

Minna Daiksuki and Honto no Jibun were both awesome too!!!!

Ok, Miyabi's warmed up now. they're all such great singers their performances sound exactly like their songs! (only they obviously not lip syncing)

OOH! Live band! liking that!

Goal: Wow. just wow. this song still sound like a ColdPlay song but the girls are just so great at performing live it hits you in a completely different way.
Momo’s voice is so GOOD! she can really go from cute and squeaky to mature and deep well. she sounds so grown up! >ww<

Overall Rating: 5/5


dreadful photo. sorry!


The packaging for thies DVDs are by far the best to come out of a H!P release so far this year!
It’s just excellent.
they’ve cut the DVD size box down to a CD size but they’ve managed to get 2 disks and a good quality booklet inside there too!
it’s really satisfying to get a hefty dvd box. so much good stuff. >ww<

While we're on the subject of Shugo Chara. my little Batsu (X) Chara came through today! >w<
He's living on my keys.


Now i’m off to chill on my bed and watch the rest of this concert.



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