New Mini Moni

3 Jun

I’m sure everyone has alreayd heard about the new Mini Moni that Tsunku is puting together.
Both Mari and Nono have talked about him asking them on their blogs and it was set that Fukada Kanon was the first member to be chosen.
I’m happy about that, i love Kanyon, she’s so cute and she can sing really well and she just looks like a cuddly toy or doll or something. people say she’s like Aibon’s clone but i don’t think so. i don’t really see the resemblence.
in anycase it was announced on Hello! Online’s twitter that LinLin has been chosen as the next member and she’ll be captain.

I’m really happy about this.
although i’m not sure it’s right to have the “token foreign member” to be leader but this is a complete refurb of Mini Moni so, “so what” i suppose. >w<

I'm really looking forward to this now!

LinLin is by far my favourite member of Momusu or indeed H!P but i would like to see more of her. let's see if she can't coax me into liking her huh?


2 down, 2 to go!


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