5 Jun

I should stop mistreating my blog and stop acting like it’s a Twitter. XD

in anycase, i’m royaly pissed off at myself.
i was trying to be smart the other day and when i got my Eevee i traded it over to my diamond game(which in retrospect i’m actually surprised i was able to do. :S), planning to save it when it was over there, then trade it back and without saving, turn Diamond off. so i had 2 Eevees, 1 in each game. so i effectively have as many eevees as i wanted so i could get all the eeveelutions.
i was an idiot and saved it AFTER i had traded the eevee back, and the this morning i successfully evolved it into a Leafeon and saved it without realising i didn’t have my eevee still on my Diamond. so that was a bit of a doi moment.

i’m actually sorely tempted to re-start the game (not without trading over all my rare pokemon first) so i can try again. it hasn’t taken me all that long to get from the start to where i am. only at the 4th gym leader.
tis only a game after all. XD

Later: currently in the middle of transferring all my favourite pokemon out so i can start again. it’s a long process but hey, it’ll be worth it. >w<

Found my old gameboy advance. i so wish i still had my gameboy colour. it was amazing. but yeah, the difference between the different games really is astonishing.
i found my yellow version and my crystal version. i have silver somewhere but no idea where and when you compare all the games to each other it's really weird!

i'll stop being such a pokemon nerd when i post up some pictures later.

also to be posted is a wig tutorial on how to pigtail a wig.



One Response to “Hmm…”

  1. nya June 5, 2009 at 9:32 pm #

    You can catch Eevees later on in the game in the Trophy Garden or you could acquire a Ditto and breed them! That’s what I did and I think I’ve finally managed to get all of the eeveelutions (XD I like that word!)… I guess it depends how soon you want to get them though. ^^

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