Aaaah…. Hello Room

7 Jun

so i’m back.
Where have i been?
my boyfriends. as much as i enjoy staying round his i always feel much better coming home and sitting in my room.
it’s still a tip but whatever! >w<

So yesterday i went to Thorpe Park!!!
It's been YEARS since i last went there. it was excellent.
Even though we spent the entire day there and only went on about 3 or 4 rides i still had a great time.
by the way, Saw is FOOKING AWESOME!!!
SO worth the hour wait in line!
it's really weird cause they have load of stuff to look at while you're in line, like the torture devices from the films and things. like the one drilled to that girls ribcage and she has to get the key from the acid in time but she fails and it rips her ribcage open and stuff like that. it's cool.
The ride looks like it'll be awesome while you're waiting outside but it's WAY more awesome than you think.
it's just the best.
you go into the building and up the stairs and while you're waiting in like there's more stuff to look at like severed heads and that weird thing from the cover of one of them with the pins holding the face on and stuff and then you get to the top, get into the carriage and go round a corner where Jigsaw talks to you while riding his trike, then you go on and it's completely dark apart from these 2 sqinging blades and it looks like you're gonna go right through them, then it drops you vertically right underneather them. then you do all this coolwhirly stuff before coming to a stop under weird creepy torture machines that hiss at you before zooming off again and just before you get to the exit you get flipped upside down and a guy who is lying on the floor bleeding sprays "blood" (water) at you while youre upside down. and then you're out.
you go round a corner and then get pushed up the vertical climb before the "beyond vertical" drop.
you are actually lying on your back staring at the sky. the drop is amazingly terrifying. i'm totally serious. it's AWESOME!! XD
then you do plenty of flips and barrel rolls and more drops but the highlight is definitely the first half and the massive drop.
it's an amazing ride, if you're going to thorpe park anytime soon you HAVE to go on this!!!!!


but yeah, other than spending our whole time in line and eating lots of sugar (hot doughnuts…. MMmmmmmmmmm) i had a really really good day. i laughed alot.
then in the evening we went out for a really nice dinner and a few drinks after.
i was wearing my favourite dress. it makes the girls look great and it was fun having other guys do double-takes. XD it makes me laugh.

On a brighter not, ManoEri's Sekai wa Summer Party PV is out……. the start sounds like that S Club 7 song…

"REACH" for the stars….. climb every mountain higher!" *does the dance*

…… to be honest it's actually pretty boring.
i'm not dazzled. again.
her voice is the same as always. and contrary to the lively music, her voice is just not.
can someone do something more interesting with her hair? please??
but i like her cute air hostess dress thing.

Poor S/milage though. dancing in the background again.
i spent more time staring at Wada than at Mano.
she is cute though. and i like her hair down. *nod*

I'm also currently trying to find a decent version of the S/mileage (smile-ay-gee not smileage) single aMa no Jaku. i actually really like it.
their voices are really nice together. and the chorus reminds me a little of like old momusu. i like how Wada's singing has improved so much. it wasn't the best is Minna no Tamago but she sounds much better now. i really like it. *nod*

Also….. the heck is this:

dun care cause it has Ogawa Saki in and i'm liking her alot recently. but still. it's pretty cute. i think……

i dunno.



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