8 Jun

Back to work tommorrow. shame. i’ve had a really good week off.
doing nothing, playing pokemon, doing more nothing.
oh well. i do need the money so…..

So my first Sayu PB came today!
Doukei (or whatever)

Sayu really is a fantastic specemin of beauty. she can really be photographed well.
it’s a shame they didn’t put more puctures in there though. i’d have like to have seen some more of her in that blue bikini.

Hopefully when i get round to paying for Love Letter and when i get that i’ll be happy too! ^^

The DVD was nice. not amazing but it was a nice addition to the book. looking through and watching the DVD at the same time.

I so so want a Mittsi PB now!
we need one!
Mittsi, Chinami, Nakki and JunJun all desperately need PBs. lyk nao!

I’m tempted to buy Airi’s new PB too…..
and the Berryz Alo Hello DVD was released today which i really want to see/get…..
and then there Platinum 9 Disco which i already have on Pre-order. and now i’m really tempted to get C-ute’s ABC concert tour DVD and…. aarrgh!
i should really stop spending so much on H!P stuff now that i’m going to Uni and everything but it’s all so addictive.
wander what i’ll do with it all when i go?
i think it’ll all have to come with me….. cause no way will i leave it in my room to be seen by eyes that don’t understand. XD
but i can’t possibly bring all that stuff AND all my manga with me,(which i intend to do O-o) all 101 volumes of it. plus all my other books, harry potter and twilight and stuff. i probably won’t have time to read anything but my room doesn’t feel like a room without stupid amounts of books lying around……

which reminds me i need to buy the newest princess diaries book and pre-order the new georgia nicholson book “are these my basoomas i see before me?”. XD

i think i have about an entire rainforest worth of books in my room….. :S

hmmm…. i’ll sort it out…. ^^


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