Really? Boy that sounds……. very un-fun

9 Jun

i’d first like to start this post by saying that i am possibly the worst fan of H!P when it comes to concerts.
i always skip something.
in past H!P concerts (apart from Wonderful hearts) i would usually skip almost all songs without Yossie in, just to get to the good stuff and occasionally watch a few decent songs.
now a days and during more recent concerts i skip many songs i have no real interest in. these include: Takahashi solo songs (except for KoiING), nacchi, yuko, Ayaya etc etc songs, and in particular ManoEri songs. i hate to think what i’d be like at an actual concert…..

So you can probably tell without me saying anything how utterly underwhelmed i am that Mano gets a solo concert.
I’m not complaining or anything, good for her for getting into the buisness, goodness knows it’s a difficult field to get into.



i can’t imagine her concert to be as pumped up and excited as they would be for groups and soloists who, you know, dance around a bit more.

how is she gonna dance and play piano to Hajimete no Keiken…. it’s kind of her trade mark or something. playing piano…. right?

also, what will she sing?
she has… what, 6 songs out?
or will she sing songs from maybe an upcoming album, like momusu did?

i dunno.
at the same time that i’m a little un-interested, i’m also fairly curious as to how they’ll make the concert go.

we shall see my friends, we shall see…


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