12 Jun

i feel really…….

hmm. i dunno.

the C-ute PV cheered me up and now i feel down again. not overly sure why.
probably just been reading too much Eclipse and i’m stuck feeling like Bella until i read something else.


i think i need a bath.
with LOTS of bubbles.

I did have a point to this post but i can’t for the life of me remember what it was…….

I’m going to london with my brother tommorrow, he’s a good kid, we’ve done it before and i had alot of fun.
it’s weird, we used to fight like cats and dogs and now that we’re older it feels weird not having him in the house. XD

Went to buy Rythm Paradise yesterday…. and decided at the last minute not to.
Instead i bought Rhapsody, an RPG game. it looked pretty good, the art’s pretty appealing. ><
plus it says on the back that you get to fight enemies with pancakes! how could i go wrong with that?
So, sorry Rythm Paradise. maybe next time! ^w^

My place on the Uni summer study course is set!
I'll be going down there for 5 days in july to get myself adjusted to the campus and the course and what it requires.
it's pretty cool!
looking forward to free accomodation oo. XD

The cool thing is that it asks me to take a piece of my own work along with me and i didn't want to take anything i already had so this is the perfect time to finish my Koha dress! yay!
So looking forward to getting it all done. and hopefully it'll be impressive enough not to warrant a hard criticism. X3
Should be fun! ^^

well whatever, random post over.



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