The love for C-ute continues! Ooh-OOH-hooo!

12 Jun

C-ute’s newest Kanna-less single, Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu, PV has been released and i have to say i really like it!

It’s a cover from the group Candies. which i’m really happy about because i’ve tried to find some Candies stuff before and it was hard. so yeah, that’s pretty cool.

I LOVE this PV. love everything about it.
The watermelon smashing on the beach, the dance shots, the eating of the watermelon, wish i could eat watermelon with them. unfortunately the very task is impossible seeing as i’m allergic to watermelon…… anyways, the letter writing sceens, the outfits. it’s just perfect!
They all look amazing, Nakki especially. and Airi isn’t half bad either. Nakki has really full lips huh? really kissable…

shut up me.

Chisato shouldn’t let them style her hair like that though. not flattering.

it’s just….

jesus, just watch it and the awesomeness will become apparent!

This is so going on repeat later…..


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