Massara Blue Jeans

13 Jun

So i was watching a clip of Massara Blue Jeans from C-utes 2008 summer concert and i have to say I’m impressed!

I mean i knew that C-ute were a pretty damn good group live and everything but this version of Massara is really excellent.

over all it’s just a fantastic performance.

I love that their vocals are stronger than the original and make it that much better.
plus you get the electricity that a PV doesn’t give you.

I like their outfits too.
i mean over all they’re pretty hideous but i love that with those pom pom things on their wrists you don’t really “see” or pay attention to their hands.

is it sad that i know 90% of the dance to this song?

ok good.

I found an original verson of Candies singing Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu
IT’s very 70s. and fair enough that C-ute’s version has yet to be performed live, i think it’s better.
but there is a certain charm with the original. XD

C-ute’s dance is more energetic too. XD

Just looked it up on Wikipedia, cause i thought i knew that the names of the girls in Candies were call Ran Miki and Su because that’s who the first three of Amu’s Guardian Charas from Shugo Chara were named after and i was right!
I knew that i’d heard of Candies and tried to look them up before….

With all of H!P connection to Shugo Chara right now…. is that coincidence?
or did Tsunku think that the kids listening to it were too young to know?
or maybe he didn’t think that Ran Miki and Su were named after Ran Miki and Su?
i dunno.



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