18 Jun

The Video for Aibon’s first single since Miss Love Tantei is out!!

no hesitAtIon

Apparently the lyrics were written by Kago herself….. hmm.

I do like this song!
Hearing her voice again is like she never left!
I’m really happy because i was actually worried what the smoking would have done to her voice (but then again the majority of western singers smoke so i don’t know why it would have made much of a difference to her) but her voice is still really lovelly.
i have to say for her new image it’s almost too hight pitched.

also…. the lip syncing in this is dreadful. it’s kind of like her lips can’t keep up with the song, and in some places it LOOKS like she is just mouthing the words. that annoyed me a little.

but other than that this is a really good song!

Yay! Aibon!


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