18 Jun

it’s about time too!

I was reading today’s “Greetings from J-list – You’ve got a Friend in Japan” newsletter (it’s a weekly (sometimes twice weekly)) type up of what is trendy in japan and things like that written by the founder of J-List.
It includes all sorts of interesting facts about current fads and weird quirks in today’s japan and even some history to.

This week was about Herbivore Men and Carnivore women. new buzzwords for men who are quite happy to lay back and relax instead of aiming high and chasing after women and women who are more than happy to reverse the roles and be aiming for the stars in work and confessing their feelings to men before they say anything first.
all very funny.

the bit that interested me most today was the section about names. and how names for places, people and things can be a bit of a mystery to westeners.
Gackt was menioned and how he’d officially changed his professional name to GACKT with all captial letters.
Also mentioned was Morning Musume with the little dot at the end of their name when written in Japanese.
It said how a famous singer changed her name slightly by adding a dot after it like Momusu and that the writer’s wife said that bad things will happen and you shouldn’t try to change your fate by changing your name, and sure enough this singer died a year later.

I’m just happy that Momusu are mentioned finally.

If Neo won’t J-list did. XD

J-list do sell a few H!P items. mainly photobooks, mainly of Ai and Reina but there’s a few other things in there too.
But if you’d rather filter out all the ecchi hentai stuff go to J-box instead, the under 18s friendly version. XD


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