Can’t believe i’m about to say this:

22 Jun

I’m fed up with staring at photos of Sayu!

I’m trying to give my desktop a make over and i’m just jed up with trawling through thousands of sayu photos and not getting any inspiration.
my eyes hurt, my lungs hurt from coughing and i’m gonna stop before it stops being fun. lol! so this post will be slightly different to how i planned.

I was lying in bed, sturggling to sleep last night, and i decided to do some “lists”. it’s always fun to make lists of favourites and things so here we go.

first i should start off by listing my Top 10 favourite H!P Singles:
1: Roman ~My Dear Boy~ [Morning Musume] – i love everything about this song. it just doesn’t go wrong and it’s been my favourite single for a very long time now.

2: Osaka Koi no Uta [Morning Musume]- The same as number 1. These two songs are so close togethe they’re almost loved the same amount. lol! i love everything about this song and the PV as well. just excellent.

3: Papancake [Tsukishima Kirari Starring Kusumi Koharu] – i LOVE this song! it’s so hyper and peppy and it never fails to get me up dancing. people complain that Koha’s voice is too squeaky in it and fair enough that’s true but it’s just such a fun song! you can’t not tap you feet to it. i ❤ it.

4: Ooki na Ai de Motenashite [C-ute] – Also another song i can't help but dance to. Alot of C-ute's songs appeal to me that way and the fact that the dance is easy AND fun to learn just tops the whole thing off with a bow for me.

5: Dakishimete Dakishimete [Berryz Koubou] – But the definition of awesome. i don't really have words to describe how much i love this song. lol!

6: Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance [Berryz Koubou] – Also another song totally made of win. another dance i can't resist dancing to whenever it comes on and like most other songs i find myself dancing while i'm lying in bed. no wonder it takes me forever to fall asleep huh? XD

7: Shiroi Iro Wa Koibito No Iro [W] – Love it. it's slow and relaxing and the harmonising in it is great and there isn't alot wrong with this song. number 4 on my top played in iTunes.

8: Shabondama [Morning Musume] – SHABONDAMAAAAAAA!!!!! It's a song named after soap bubbles. it's just a really powerful song and it's great fun to listen to when you're pissed off about something.
it's just great. *nod*

9: Edo no Temari Uta II [C-ute] – the songs get more and more jumbled up as far as "favourite" goes the further we get down the list. In someways i love this more than the last 2 but in others, they totally own it. i just love this… i think this is the song that really got me interested in C-ute. FOVEVER LOVE just kicked it into gear. XD

10: Chokotto Love [Pucchi Moni] – a bit of an old entry at number 10 but i think i had to include my favourite song of the best momusu sub-unit huh? this song is just great, it's fun and silly and it never gets boring. XD

Top 10 favourite non-single album tracks.
This list differs greatly from the last one. XD

1: Guru Guru Jump [Morning Musume Platinum 9 Disc] – there really isn't alot to say about this track other than it's amazing. the Pandas singing is awesome, even Koha gained a few brownie points for this song and it also never fails to get me tapping my toes.

2: Koi no Dial 6700 [Morning Musume Cover You] – i love this. i'm gonna be setting it as my ringtone soon, it's just so up and fun! and it's just……… awesome! XD

3: Last Forever [Buono! Cafe Buono!] – The entire Cafe Buono! album reminds me of last summer cause i listened to it almost nonstop and it's just nice to be able to picture lying on the beach listening to this song in particular. it brings back memories. that's why it's number 3.

4: CLAP [Berryz Koubou 5(Five)] – it's just a really fun and bright song. it's got "feel good" written all over it and the fact that everyone gets at least one solo line just ices the cake. it's great.

5: Sugoi Nakama [Morning Musume No.5] – it's just a great song and i lurve it. there's nothing bad to say about it!

6: Rainbow Pink [Morning Musume Rainbow 7] – Just shut up and enjoy.

7: Haru Beautiful Every Day [Morning Musume Sexy 8 Beat] – KameiMittsi love. it's just amazing. Mittsi's voice is amazing

8: Goal [Buono! Buono!2] – i think this one would be on anyone’s list. i like this song because it’s easy to relax to…. it sounds like Viva la Vida by ColdPlay though. but it’s still a great song. they both are. XD

9: Dance Suru no Da! [Morning Musume Best! Morning Musume One] – there’s nothing not to like about this song. it just makes me smile. it’s fun and upbeat but not so much that it makes your ears bleed like some do sometimes.

10: Haru no Uta [Morning Musume Ai no Dai 6 Kan] – just the best. i love yossie’s voice in this, and the mixture of her, marippe, gomaki and lida is just makes me so happy when i hear it. it’s just awesome. *nod*



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