Fruits Basket

23 Jun

So as many people know, Fruits Basket is my favourite Manga.
I have all the translated volumes and the cat fanbook and the sticker book and all sorts o’ stuff.

I’ve recently been re-watching the Fruits Basket anime series and i have to say that there’s a lot in there that i had forgotten about and it’s really made me laugh!
I’ve been giggling almost non-stop. and now i’ve watched it in English dub i’m gonna watch it again in Japanese. ^^

It’s made me laugh that although it’s the same girl who voices Honey-sempai in Ouran Host Club, Momiji sounds nothing like that. his voice isn’t as high pitched.
ALSO i’ve realised that the voice of Kagura is done by the same girl who did the voice of Usagi in Sailor Moon.
I’m talking about the original japanese voices.


But yeah, i’ve found that re-watching the anime has made me laugh alot because of how much i’d forgotten.
Like Ouran Host Club before it, which also made me laugh, it was just really enjoyable to relax and enjoy the idiocy of the dumb chaacters (Furuba would be Shigure and Ouran is Tamaki)

Also disovered that the voice of Tohru was the same as Naru Narusegawa in Love Hina, thought i recognised her voice from some where. XD
WOW! and Takako from Pretear! amazing! she’s been in tonnes of good anime. awesome. XD
awesome, and the voice of Kyo was also the voice of Shinbo in Chobits…… man i need to get that anime. i so wanna watch it again. i can’t find it anywhere for a decent price though, it’s like Sailor Moon manga, stupidly hard to get ahold of. ><
he was also in lucky star somewhere……

speaking of which, i found the Lucky Star Drama CD in Mitsukoshi the other day! it was an amazing find, but alas, i had no money to buy it with and i scincerely regret it. i also was going to buy the Studio Ghibli soundtrack but it was like £40 and i didn't have enough then either, makes me sad…. Y_Y

any way, i went WAY off track then. XD

anyways, that was all i had to say,
Furuba is epic and you should all watch/read/whatever it. nao.


P.S: new recipe in my cookery blog (see link in "cookery" page) and i'm now going to make shu cream puffs!
Yum! ^^



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