Aaahhh so much better

24 Jun

so my new teeny laptop arrived today!
dad calls it a netbook which i know is technically right but i prefer “baby laptop”.
it really is ickle.

so here i am sitting on the sofa typing away listening to my brother and his friend playing Super Mario Smash Bros Brawl. it’s very boring.
i really suck at that game. XD

i’m having a bit of trouble getting used to this thing. i keep missing letters.
and the touch pad thing is much closer to the keys that on my big laptop so i keep going to move the cursor and end up poking myself in the leg or something.

but yeah.

anyways, last night i got bored. and what does a girl who’s forbidden to see her boyfriend for an entire week and gets bored at quarter to 9 at night do?
she bakes that’s what.
i made shu cream puffs.
i made the custard the long way, to soothe my nerves you understand, and it was totally worth it.
unfortunately i didn’t get any photos because they all got eaten too fast but at least they were a success i guess……
they really were good
wish i made more………

i failed my theory test AGAIN. but i did way worse this time than i did last time.
i don’t get it, i can past 9 times out of 10 when i practise at home but when it comes to the real thing it just happens to be the one time i fail.
i’m so pissed off
i wanted to be driving by at LEAST august but it’s not going to happen now.
i have my next test booked for the 15th of July (Release date of P9Disco DVD! ^_^V) but i really don’t want to throw even more money at them.
it’s bollocks that you should have to pay at all. but i guess with all the idiots on the road then it’s a fair reason. but for the good drivers like me it’s shit.

oh well, my nan paid for this one again so i suppose it’s not all bad. crying got me somewhere this time. lol!!

whatever, i’m bored.
ja ne.


One Response to “Aaahhh so much better”

  1. morningtime June 24, 2009 at 8:46 pm #

    I could never have a small laptop. I want to watch H!P stuff on a big screen, only with the convenience of having said big screen on my lap or in front of me on my bed.

    Bad luck on the theory. I remember taking my driving test. I remember then retaking my driving test. I also remember…well to cut too long a story short I passed in the end so perseverence pays off. For some reason I always got nervous. Taking exams at uni I was cool as a cucumber that’s been left in a freezer for a month. When it came to driving I went to pieces.

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