Ugh. Ghey.

24 Jun

so here i am, sitting on the sofa, typing away while the family watch America’s Got Talent….. feeling….. well, in a nutshell, pretty dejected.

it’s one thing that i can’t see my boyfriend this week because he’s working on coursework that is due tommorrow and he’s working in the evenings and things……. but….. he went out tonight with a friend to stress relieve and calm down before the deadline tommorrow and fair enough he’s been really stressed out and things….. but when i asked if i could go too tonight, the answer i got was “well why don’t you wait until saturday. then you can build all the excitment and it’ll be even better”….. well yeah, but i want to see you.

it’s usually him that bugs me to see eachother.
and fair enough that he’s going out with a friend but i still feel…… unwanted a little.
why can’t he chill out and relax with me there?

i don’t mean to use my blog as a way to complain or anything. just to vent…..

back to my usual “genki” self tommorrow.


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