Brace yourselves and hold onto your knickers!

25 Jun

It’s started.

Hexi has been spending a good part of the last hour looking at H!P photos….. no kidding.
and i’m seriously considering buying some….
nooooooo!!!! i can’t!!
i promised myself i wouldn’t! there’s no point to them! i have no where to keep them!!! arrrrgh!!!!

but their so pretty! Y_Y

And airi in her Cutie Rangers outfit is so cute!


i want them…. even if they have no use….

what do i do? Y_Y


One Response to “Brace yourselves and hold onto your knickers!”

  1. morningtime June 26, 2009 at 9:08 pm #

    Buy them but give them to me to keep hold of. A bit like a bank only you deposit H!P stuff and then I go bust at some stage and you don’t get them back. It gives you the satisfaction of buying but without any of that having to find somewhere to keep them malarkey. 😀

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