The awesome that is Kago Ai

25 Jun

M’kay so this post will probably make me really late but i just wanted to say that Children of the Night, the B-side for no hesitAtIon is freaking AWESOME!!

It just totally brings Aibon way up the favourite idol list.
I’ve not exactly loved her recently, i have to admit, i thought her PB was dreadful and i felt she could have done totally better. and she just so has!
She was one of my top fave H!P members before she left but when the PB got released i totally lost respect for her.
but now….

she really is pure awesome.

i wander if Tsunku regrets firing her now??

whatever, go her.

in anycase, Children of the Night has really shot to around the top 5 in my favourite Bside tracks. and i’ve only heard it abut 4 times.
i just love it.
the english lyrics are really awesome, and…. ugh i’m late but i’ll continue this random post when i get back later!



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