New toys

26 Jun

Rawr my first photo update on my new laptop. let’s see how Aka-chan deal with uploading photos! ><


hooray, she passes the test.

so yeah!
I fooking love HelloProLand. he’s just awesome. and this time was no different.
I’ve had my eye on Sayu’s Love Letter PB for a while and i finally bought it, along with an Airi badge and also 3 Sayu photos that were on offer and an Eri. i think. can’t remember if i got the Eri or not….. if it was free that’s cool.

so yeah!
Sayu’s PB is amazing. i’m really looking forward to 20’s Time now. i bet it’ll be great.
I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, Sayu really is one amazing specimin of beauty. She’s stunning.
and this Pb is no exception.
10/10 for Sayuness. yes sir-ee bob!

anyways, the pics were on offer and they’re all awesome. enough said.
and the airi badge too.

all fab.

sorry for the sideways photo. XD


One Response to “New toys”

  1. morningtime June 28, 2009 at 1:24 am #

    Best damn thing is the best damn picture.

    I have the previous pb Sousou and it’s anything but so-so. Sayumi looks stunning throughout. 20’s Time (is that the name of the next one? I’m not keeping up) will be good too hopefully. although the front cover is a bit iffy.

    I haven’t bought any pics in ages. Well except for a set I got with the Platinum 9 tour t-shirt. Except they haven’t come yet. I used to always buy a pic or two when getting cd’s or dvd’s off Helloproland but I haven’t used him in a while. YesAsia is usually a better bet for cd’s and dvd’s these days.

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