29 Jun

hi hi, kyou wa atsui yo ne?

i just want to lie on my floor with my Uchiwa, anime style.

sooooo hot.

that’s all really. too hot to type.

I’ve recently been addicted to K-On! it’s a really awesome anime. it reminds me alot of Lucky star, except the main character is more like Tsubasa.
Mio is Kagami, Ritsu is Konata and Tsumugi is Miyuki.

but it’s still original, and the music s really awesome. check it out. ^^

now i’m going to go lie on my cool floor and read. i should be sewing though…… god a deadline. XD

ja ne!

oh! and safe journies to everyone going to AX this week. hope you all have fun meeting momusu you lucky people!! >3<


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