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One is not amused…….

29 Jul

Ok so LAST NIGHT i was very very very amused. Avenue Q is amazing. you should all go see it right now. i was crying with laughter. so good.

but no, what i’m complaining about is that i got an email from amazon promoting 25% off of a new book soon-to-be-released called The Otaku Encyclopedia.

It says that people into Japanese pop culture are throwing the terms geek and nerd aside and calling them selves otaku instead. with pride.

first of all….. i like referring to myself as a geek. because that’s what i am. i complete geek of anything associated with japan. i also like calling myself a Japanophile cause basically, that’s what i am.

the one thing i am NOT is an otaku. i wish western people would get it into their heads that Otaku is actually a really insulting word in Japan and not something you’d call someone you’d meet at a convention (a: because they’re a stranger and it’s insulting and b: if they’re out they aren’t really one seeing as the word literally translates as “at home” etc)
it’s not a nice word and if someone in japan were to actually call you that, unless you were close to them or knew them well, it wouldn’t be as a joke or meant in a particularly nice way.

so why are these people using such a bad word to describe themselves? if they are fans of japanese culture why haven’t they picked up on this yet?

it drives me insane.

unless it’s taken on a new meaning since being used here. i guess there are plenty of words the japanese have take from our language and it’s come to mean something different………

in anycase. it frustrates me.

but the book looks pretty interesting…….


S’pose i should post…..

27 Jul

just so you know i haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth.


Last week was fooking amazing!
i had so so SO much fun and made some amazing friends.
it was just great.

we didn’t do alot of studying…… but we drank a whole lot……. i think i’ve drunk the equivilent of a years worth of units in the space of a week. it was awesome.

i don’t think i’ll ever forgive them all if we don’t meet up during the college year.
that’s totally suck if we didn’t……

but i had the best time of my life and i’m so glad i went.

there’s been some sucky complications in my life and i went into last week feeling a little down and depressed about the whole situation but the week has really helped me recover from it all and i feel like i’ve moved on.
I won’t forget. but i don’t feel like there’s a great big hole in me now.

Platinum 9 Disco arrived!!!
it’s such a good concert, although i was a little disappointed with the first 2 songs.
they just didn’t have the energy that other concerts have had. but it all picks up at about Mikan. the girls start smiling and the whole atmosphere picks up.

The VTR was disappointing too. though the pictures of all the girls laughing are really nice, the photoshop job is so bad you can still see white background….. tsk tsk tsk. i could have done a better job. *nod*
and soooooooooooo many costume changes! i’m all up for as many costumes as possible but to have the girls on for about 1 song before running off to change makes for a very….. un-smooth concert. but they all look amazing.

Who’s Chibi-ko that Ai-chan seems to be looking for in the first MC?

would have lliked to have heard more Mittsi. she needed and MC or something. at least she got to do her solo song. and she did it wonderfully. ^^

that’s all really……


And after that bombshell

20 Jul

So after yesterday’s awesome filled post of awesome. i now have to love and leave everyone.

Spending a week at uni in bournemouth for a summer study course and i leave today! whoop!

so no updates this week.

who’s betting that Platinum 9 Disco and 20’s Time turn up while i’m away? and i’ll have to wait yet another week to see them.

but i guess having them here waiting for me will be nice when i get back.

so love and kisses and see you in a week! ^_^V


19 Jul

So like i said i’ve pretty much completed my Koha CHANCE! dress!

it’s pretty awesome. i still need to add the pink frill around the bottom of the dress and i need to replace and add in another layer of red or two but other than that this cake is done.

tester GIF of me transforming it:

YAY! transformation!!

YAY! transformation!!

please remember it’s not all done yet, the skirt will have a couple more red frills on. *nod*


All folded up


TA DA!!!!

I’m so happy!!!

last night sleeping in my own bed for a week! wewt!


19 Jul

ok so actually it’s more like 90% finished but i ran out of time. but the thing transforms and is still awesome so there!!

photos and video to come!

Love Machine is made likeable??? surely not!

18 Jul

Thank you After School

Wotaku Now’s Facebook quiz

18 Jul

So Shirow of Wotakunow has made a Hello! Project quiz on facebook. as the first person to take it it’s my job to promote it. so get going.

Are You a Hello! Project Expert

I got Master Wota! ^_^V

coulda told you that myself.