What a Wota, What a Wota, Rottara: Hexi Edition

1 Jul

So it;s been a while since i did a collections post.
my H!P collection has grown and now my Manga collection doesn’t even fit on my shelf properly anymore. I think my Manga collection exceeds the £200 mark now…….. anyways:

So, after reading Morningtime‘s “What a Wota” post, i decided to do one of my own again.

i think i’ll need to split it up into sections though. it won’t all fit on my floor, let alone in one photo. XD


First, my photos, trading cards and stickers.
a mixture of freebies, presents and ones i simply could not leave un-bought.

Micellaneous – i’m going by size i think. anyway, this is my lot of keyrings and phone charms, mousemats, my hangry and angry lunchbox thing and other bits.
also a mixture of presents, ultimate must-haves and things i bought for myself.
the pink and purple sayu mousemat was my very first itm bought from HelloProLand. ^^


soft things.
my shirts and yossie towel.
The Sayu one was a gift from me to me as was the black Sexy 8 Beat one.
i do have a rika one (supposedly) but i’m not convinced that it’s official merchandise……
Yossie towel was a gift, haven’t gotten round to turning it into a pillow yet. XD
i want a Sayu towel next (hint hint XD)

DVDs and CDs!
alot of concert DVDs (not as many as i’d like) not enough Albums. i refuse to spend money on singles. what’s the point of buying a Cd with like essentially 2 songs on. i don’t listen to the instrumental versions of songs (snore) i’d rather buy them online. so i still have the song and i’m still supporting the artists, but i’m not paying £stupid for 2 songs on a disc…… heh.

Photobooks. i do love PBs. they’re such a decent thing to spend money on.
Doukei and Love Letter of Sayu’s, 50W and TsujiKago of W’s, all three of Yossie’s: Yossy, 8Teen and Hello! Yossui and the little freebie C-ute PB that came in Kindai.

Last but not least: Posters and etc. So the poster came in yossie’s 8Teen PB free and the other one represents the entire Momusu calendar.
The Yossie autograph is my absolute fave piece of merchandise and i love it so much i framed it. XD
just a slice of pure awesome. ^^



5 Responses to “What a Wota, What a Wota, Rottara: Hexi Edition”

  1. morningtime July 3, 2009 at 6:49 pm #

    Oh you have H!P live boxsets. I’ve been meaning to get the Winter 2007 and Winter 2008 ones for ages. I really want to see the Elder Club 2008 concert. The opening with Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari and the maid uniforms is just pure glee but apart from one or two other clips I’ve not seen anything of the show.

    Oh and Buono’s Hybrid Punch too. I was just looking at that on YesAsia.

    And I so want the next MM calendar. Having seen pics of the current one I really regret not getting it. Although seemingly you have to take it apart to use and I’m not sure I could do that. It seems like wanton vandalism.

    • Hexi July 5, 2009 at 1:17 pm #

      the winter 2007 boxset isn;t great. the wonderful hearts land concert is pretty poor. i only find the 10th anniversary one worth watching.
      GET hybrid punch, now. it’s one of the best concerts i’ve seen. so good.
      and i think i’ll be gettingf C-ute’s next calendar, so annoyed i didn;t ask for this this year. looks amazing from what i’ve seen . but i do ❤ the momusu one too. XD
      i don't mind taking the calendar apart though, that way i get like 8 different Momusu posters.
      i just refuse to write on it. not that i could, the numbers are teeny. XD

      • morningtime July 5, 2009 at 2:42 pm #

        Hybrid Punch is mighty tempting. I’ve seen a subbed version of GOAL over at the Musume-Central site and I’m loving the live backing band. It’d be great to see more ‘live’ music at H!P concerts.

        C-ute have grown on me so much in the past few months. Although I really like Kanna so it’s a shame she’s missing presumed hobbling. But with Nakki and Maimi they still have lots to offer members-wise. I just wish they’d bring out a Nakki pb or a group one at the very least. Mind you aren’t they going to hawaii later in the year?

  2. Hexi July 5, 2009 at 2:57 pm #

    *shrug* dunno but i think i hsve no choice in the matter of buying it.
    watching Alo-Hello and it’s making me want to swim. mikitty is mistreating a dog and Ai makes weird noises. XD

  3. morningtime July 5, 2009 at 5:24 pm #

    I guess some people would say “lucky dog”.

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