3.2.1 BREAKIN’ OUT top 25 nominees!

2 Jul

before i seriously get down to sewing i’d just like to say, congrats and omedetou to everyone who go listed in the top 25 list of the chosen nominees for the OPV competition!!

i’ve been looking through them and i have to say that my top favourites are:

I just love the sketchy look. and although the effect could be done pretty easily in photoshop, i love the opening part which actually looks sketched. it’s great

second: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=59175188
i love the cartoon panels! and the arrows going all over the place is really cool. the negative/positive parts are really cool too and i love the parts where it looks like it’s zoomed in on members.

love the whole kitschy look.

this one is just really clever and inventive. with the members jumping in and out of the different pictures, it’s just plain cool.

This one is just really humorous and uses the girls’ “messing around” shots to great effect. i really giggled.

This one is really sweet and tells the story of a girl trying to give chocolates to the boy she likes but couldn’t so she wewnt online and momusu pops out and helps her. soo cute! and really well drawn!

This one is just plain cool.

This one is awesome cause of the paint splashes that follow their feet and arms when they jump.

Have to say, i now know why they didn’t make the music clip longer, listening to the song 25 times was bad enough, imagine how hard it would have been listening to the THOUSANDS of entries?


ok, off to sew some Koha now!



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