This week…..

8 Jul

SOrry for the lack of updates, i’ve been crazy busy.
even though it’s wednesday i’m gonna to a run down of last week and this week so far.

So first. i killed my koharu wig.
it fell off the stand which fell of my shelf and it’s now all smooshed and dead. so now i need to brush it all out and start again. lame. it was looking good.

On the Koha dress front as a whole it’s going pretty well, i have 6 and a half days to get it finished in now.

While everyone was having fun at AX i was stuck here sewing, and watching it on the news.
but i did have an awesome dream.

OK, you know how LinLin was answering questions in english?
well this dream was the night before all that happened.

I was on a school trip and momusu ended up being there, everyone was running around getting all their autgraphs because we had a set time limit to find all the members and get them to sign stuff.
everyone but Mittsi and Ai we wearing their 3.2.1 Breakin’ OUT outfits.
when i went to get Koha’s she spekt my name wrong and in a fairly typical Koha way wrote “ah! no! no! no!” in hiragana as she said it out loud. XD
then she go it right. lol!
Ai spoke really broken, adorable english to me which made me smile in my sleep.
then i found LinLin and JunJun sitting by themselves and no one was around asking for autographs so i went and chatted to them and then found out that LinLin could speak really good english. we became really good friends and shared out emails and stuff. then i had to leave and the dream ended.

is it odd to say that LinLin has moved up a couple notches since that dream in terms of my favourites? XD

i also had a cool dreasm about a mobile phone.
basically i found a mobile in a starbucks late at night and there were LOADS of really rare H!P phone straps on them and i decided i wanted to keep it, cause you can never have enough phone straps and i do need a new phone. mine is dying. but then the person wanted the phone back and the dream ended sadly because he wouldn’t even let me have one strap. XD

other than that, this week, i got drunk….. alot. i finally have friends and a social life so i’ve been going out alot.
i have tan lines. because even though the weather is amazing and thundery right now, it was amazing and sunny.

and i’ve started to pack for the summer study course at uni in a week and a half.

shit and i need to revise for my theory test. again. GAH!

ok off to do some sewing now!

another busy 2 weeks ensue!



3 Responses to “This week…..”

  1. morningtime July 8, 2009 at 11:29 pm #

    Do wotas dream of mobile phone straps? The futuristic new novel by Philip K Richard coming soon.

    Really you know you’re a wota when you start dreaming of the merchandise rather than the girls themselves.

    What is this thing called a “social life”?

    • Hexi July 9, 2009 at 10:01 am #

      i know! my social life has never been so great. not too sure what to think though cause me and my boyfriend hang out with his friend and his new girlfriend…… well she’s Bi and finds me hot, and to be fair she is difficult to take your eyes off so it’s a difficult thing to judge especially as my boyfriend would probably pay money to see me kiss her. lol! but whatever.

      i already knew i was a wota. and a japanophile. and i’m actually kind of proud of my fangirlism. ^^

  2. morningtime July 11, 2009 at 1:21 am #

    Well if you got your boyfriend to pay to see you kiss her think of the things you could spend the money on…

    Yes I am a sick puppy.

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