Taking a break. -.-”

10 Jul

So i’m taking a breaking from painstakingly gluing individual sequins to bows for my koha dress (MY EYES!!!! DX)

and thought i’d post that there’s a new kinda-recipe on my cookery blog. and also to say that i really like Momusu’s new single Nachatte Renai.

Sounds a bit like Shouganai Yume mix with Do It NOW! and…….. something i can’t put my finger on. anyways:

i’d like to take this moment to complain on the TOTAL lack of Mittsi but that in a good turn of events, there’s alot of sayu and also, Koharu doesn’t sound totally retarded. it’s good.
i like it. wasn’t as instant love as Naichau Kamo but i liked it alot quicker than i like Shouganai Yume. *nod*

PS: Anyone watch Torchwood. Like OMGWTF!!!! I cried like a baby, and i cried last night when Ianto Died (sorry for the spoiler if you haven’t seen it) they love eachother and they had to kill Ianto off?!?!!?!?! Anger!!!!



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