Random facts

12 Jul

I love putting up random facts about myself so here are a few of my quirks:

My left little toe doesn’t bend in the middle. i broke it and the knuckle fused together.

i can’t eat freshly cut/sliced fruit. i get an allerigc reaction. i have to let fruits like pineapple, manga and melon air for a while before i can chow down.

when i got my belly pierced it took a year to fully heal and it slid out of place and is now straighter than when it was pierced. i now have a little scar where the original piercing was.

i absolutely adore stickers and have them all over everything.

despite the amount of pink things i own/wear, purple is actually my favourite colour.

my elbows bend backwards.

i’m allergic to rabbits (i get hives and everything) and i work in a petshop with them. even thinking about them makes my nose fizz.

i collect ramune marbles. and have a little bowl of them on my window sill. so pointless but i love them.

that’s pretty much it…..


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