Happy Birthday Koha!

14 Jul

I should have done one of these posts for Sayu too but i didn’t have the time on monday due to me freaking out about getting my dress done (why am i about to go to work?!?!?!?! i have so much to finish!) and since i have a few moments before work i thought i’d do a birthday post today.

so sorry sayu but you can be included in this post! ^^”


best photo evar?


❤ how can one person exert so much cuteness AND beauty?
it shouldn't be physically possible.

well anyways,
Happy Birthday to Sayu and Koha. wish i could say i got the dress ready for the occasion……..



One Response to “Happy Birthday Koha!”

  1. morningtime July 14, 2009 at 7:08 pm #

    You must be seeing that dress in your sleep. I see the Chance dress in my sleep but the context is probably very different. Unless you see Koharu giving you a private performance in it and then sitting around with you all informal and eating snacks. My sleeping mind is weird. It should see dirtier things but never does. Unless Linlin is involved and that’s just wrong.

    The two girls having birthdays so close together is like it’s the curent MM version of Kaori and Nacchi. Well except that Kaori and Nacchi are the same age. Okay this is just rambling nonsense then. Like this whole comment. My mind stops working after a day at work.

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