My Past

15 Jul

M’kay si there’s the me of noe and then there’s the me beofre i discovered H!P and Japan in general.
it’s always interesting to see what people like other than H!P and what they liked before they got into JPOP/KPOP/CPOP etc.

so…. when i was around…. 15-16 (it wasn’t until i was almost 17 that i discovered the awesomeness of japanese music) i was a bit of a metal head.
mainly influenced by my boyfriend but we’ve both changed our music tastes now.

so i mainly listened to Muse (ok not metal i know), Iron Maiden, Dragonforce, My Chemical Romance (Emo) and Coheed and Cambria.
I played Bass and dyed my hair (still do) wrote all over my backpack in tipex and fell in love with black eye liner.
thankfully i’ve changed and i’m a very happy person because of it. *nod*

not alot of people know coheed and cambria because they were’nt too big over here. but they were (and still are) awesome. so, as i haven’t done a “music video of the day” post in forever, consider this a slight musical education.

favourite songs:
Blood Red Summer

A Favour House Atlantic:

The Light and the Glass

The Suffering

listening to all these songs brings back so many memories.
Plus, because his voice is so high, i think it made the move to JPOP slightly easier. XD

So that’s it. i thought i’d post cause i ran across their music on youtube again and decided to dig out my CDs. ><
i have a tshirt and everything.



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