One is not amused…….

29 Jul

Ok so LAST NIGHT i was very very very amused. Avenue Q is amazing. you should all go see it right now. i was crying with laughter. so good.

but no, what i’m complaining about is that i got an email from amazon promoting 25% off of a new book soon-to-be-released called The Otaku Encyclopedia.

It says that people into Japanese pop culture are throwing the terms geek and nerd aside and calling them selves otaku instead. with pride.

first of all….. i like referring to myself as a geek. because that’s what i am. i complete geek of anything associated with japan. i also like calling myself a Japanophile cause basically, that’s what i am.

the one thing i am NOT is an otaku. i wish western people would get it into their heads that Otaku is actually a really insulting word in Japan and not something you’d call someone you’d meet at a convention (a: because they’re a stranger and it’s insulting and b: if they’re out they aren’t really one seeing as the word literally translates as “at home” etc)
it’s not a nice word and if someone in japan were to actually call you that, unless you were close to them or knew them well, it wouldn’t be as a joke or meant in a particularly nice way.

so why are these people using such a bad word to describe themselves? if they are fans of japanese culture why haven’t they picked up on this yet?

it drives me insane.

unless it’s taken on a new meaning since being used here. i guess there are plenty of words the japanese have take from our language and it’s come to mean something different………

in anycase. it frustrates me.

but the book looks pretty interesting…….


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