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Hexi is back…… again….. *le sigh*

31 Aug

God i’m depressed.
the internet is such a depressing place that i only ever visit the same 4 or 5 websites and that’s it.

I’m depressed to be back home after spending an awesome weekend painting my uni room and hanging out with a couple of my housemates.

I’m depressed that i still have to wait 2 weeks before i can move in.

I’m depressed that i’ve realised that it’s my dogs that set my hay fever/asthma/allergies/fuck my life everything into a frenzie yet to be reckoned with.

and i’m depressed that i’m addicted to facebook.

I’m also depressed that a fuck load of awesome H!P merchandise is coming out in the next few months and i most likely won’t be able to afford it.

that puts my current H!P wishlist up to about 10000000000001 items.

back to free downloads of albums i guess. how lame. i really like buying the real things too! *sulk*

hope mum and dad like long christmas lists…… XD

i just wanna move down now and get the hell away from this town.

apologies for the moody post.




28 Aug

So the next two weeknds are gonna be great.

This sunday i’m going down to my Uni house to continue painting my room and to do up the garden. which will be great fun. we’re even staying over night so it can be completed the next day.

that’s the reason i’m currently packing up my big canvas wardrobe with all my sewing stuff in and making my room a complete tip. the more i tidy the worse the mess gets. seriously.

anyways, should be fun cause a couple of my housemates will be down too!

Then the weekend after that on the saturday i’ve got it all planned to hang out with my guy and gal pals from the week i spent down at uni. i miss them all so so much it just seemed like a good idea to organise a day where we can chill, do purikura and drink. XD
Of course i’ve been so pre-occupied with everything that i keep forgetting it’s Super Kawaii Reina Saturday that day.

i have no intention of going. no need to pull skeletons out of the closet.

it’ll still be fun to hang out with them all.
can’t wait to see them.

Wanted to get that sorted before everything kicks off and the chance that we will hardly see eachother when it does get busy gets more and more likely.

wow. this post had like no relevence to anything. lame! >w<


27 Aug

so i downloaded Momoko’s new photobook Momochii today and i’m currently looking at it and i have to say i’m pretty impressed.

Momo isn’t the most photogenic person but she’s so innocent and refreshing she has her own style, and it really comes through in this.

i love how they’ve made this PB similarly to how Nono and Aibon’s first PB together.

the bright colours are really nice and makes me feel happy! lol!

my favourite photos are of her in the yellow wellies and green raincoat.


she just looks like she’s having the best fun and it’s all so random. ><
Also gotta love those Angel pics too!


I think that because i won’t be able to afford koha’s PB, as much as i’d like to, i think i’m gonna have to download it too. same as Mai’s

Love for the painting photos too!
i love any and all painting pic sets, like from Hello! Yossui, 50W….. all sorts!!



Not very happy….

27 Aug

So the day that the 2006 Wonderful Hearts Land Summer concert was recorded, they weren’t having a great day huh?

over half the songs were lip-synced, Miyabi was off and Nono broke her leg the night before.

I’m really annoyed by the lip-syncing!
i know that they have off days and so they can’t sing very well live but as i’ve said from the beginning, if they’re doing a live concert why the hell aren’t they singing live?!
It’s pissed me off pretty well because the songs that are actually my favourite out all these are lip-synced.

thankfully Yossie’s voice was good enough that day and she sang bloody brilliantly. same as rika.

although now that i’m really looking and watching Super Generation by Yossie and Rika i’m not too sure that it is live……. ¬_¬ but i think it is cause yossie’s voice just went off a bit.

in anycase. i know it was 3 years ago but STILL!!!


Huge hair bows of doom!

20 Aug

nono2So H!P are all about the massive hair bows of doom right now…. I know for sure that Koha has become a certain victim of this.


toldja so.

Anyways, I’ve become fairly partial to big hair bows too.
I love to wear them when i’m out about about, they’re big and showy but still cute and girly.
as i type this i’m wearing my white one i made the other day.

Big bows have become Nono’s trade mark and i’m here today to post a small tutorial about how to make them.

i always wear mine to the side, so that’s how i’ll be making them in this tutorial!

ok so these are the things you’ll need:


Fabric of your chosen colour or pattern cut into a rectangle on the fold (if it’s patterned, make sure it’s folded right-side to right-side), wadding (found in most fabric shops. it’s used for quilting but i use it for all sorts of stuff!), scissors, pins and a hair band. you’ll also need a sewing machine (or needle and thread) and a hot glue gun (or other glue if you have the patience)

step 1:

finish cutting the rectangle to the size you want.


open it up and then fold the longest edges into the centre crease where the fold was. pin


sew down the sides and then snip off the corners. be careful not to cut the thread or you’ll have to sew it again.


turn it inside out and cut a piece of wadding to the same size. then place it inside making sure it’s not twisted or flat.

5: sew or glue the back closed and cut a long rectangle of fabric. fold the rectagle in half and then half again lengthways making sure that the tatty edge is in the centre or at least can’t be seen.


bunch up the squishy rectangle in the middle and wrap the long thin one around it once so the ends will be at the back. i almost always have too much of it so glue it in place and snip it off. then glue it to the bow at the back so it stays.


play with the bow till it looks right then put the headband on. place the bow onto it and play with it until you like the way it looks. on me, bigger bows look better further over on the side where as smaller bows look better further towards the top of my head.

8:hold the bow to the headband and take it off. glue the first corner to the band. make sure you don’t use too much or it’ll catch in your hair! ow!

9: then with small blobs, glue the rest of the bow to the bad. i always glue mine just slightly in front of the band so you can’t see it.


i like to make mine stand up but you can make them lie flat for a most subtle looks or even put them horizontally and add “tails2 or beads that hang down.
it’s all up to you! ^^

apologies for the horrendous washed out hair colour!!!

apologies for the horrendous washed out hair colour!!!



New Recipe is up!

19 Aug

Posted a new recipe over on my cookery blog!

Also added a new link to my blogroll: London Harajuku Circle! If you’re interested in any kind of japanese fashion and want to chat to like minded people then check it out! i go by Hexi on there too! ^^



17 Aug

I’m baaaaack!!

I have returners from the New Forest!
I guess it was a little rude of me to just up and go with no warning but whatever.

on friday night i was at my 2nd cousins birthday. i was all like “OMG, we’re driving to WALES?!?!?!” but they actually live in Roystone or something so it was actually alright! Lol!
Still took forEVER to get there.

anyways, i looked pretty killer with a massive Nono style bow in my hair and a really short black dress with another bow on the front, tights and high heels.
it was good fun seeing my 2nd cousins again, we get on really well and it was nice to hang out and dance to some really cheesey music from year 9 discos (Macarana, Cha Cha Slide and SClub7 anyone? haha)
any who, that became a 3am bedtime and we had to get up at 6 the next morning to leave.
Me and my boyfriend juumped in the car with my mum, dad, brother and brothers friends and our dog, plus about 10 tonnes of stuff. it was pretty cozy.

Me and the boyfriend got sropped off in Brockenhurst in the New Forest to fend for ourselves for 3 days while the others carried on down to Lyme Regis.

It was really really lovely.
The sun shone for most of it and it was nice and warm.
Bloody freezing at night though.
i had to wear a massive jumper to bed (so i’m glad to be able to go to bed tonight in hot pants and a strappy top).

My Doggy was really sweet. she was an angel for the most part. except on saturday night when she got tangled around a guy rope after squeezing under the tent edge at like 3 am and i had to go untangle her. didn’t sleep well that night i was worrying about her so much.
last night (sunday) was better and she slept in the tent with us on her bed in the corner. i was much happier and slept better. except for waking up half frozen at 4am when she yelped at having her lead tangled around her leg (we had to keep her on the lead at all times. she’s good at running off but rubbish at coming back again. XD) and then to have to sneak out in my jammies to go to the toilet block. it was sooooooo cool and dark and i had to be careful to not walk into a horse on the way. haha!

Other than that it was awesome. we walked around loads into the towns. did a 9 mile-round walk to the bigger town and spent about 6 hours walking there and back. it was really nice. apart from having worn jeans and regretting it whole-heartedly that day. so hot!! Y_Y

in any case, that’s whaer i’ve been.