So was thinking i should post……

2 Aug

been soooo busy this week!
Work has sapped everything as usual. i was back one day and i want out alreayd. i just wanna move down to Uni now, move into my house and start! i’m so excited about it!!!

anyways, today i went to hobbycraft with mum and bought most of the stuff on the list i was given by Uni.
it was a pretty hefty list. i had a few things on there but the majority of it i didn’t have.
so off we went, getting lost and having to stop and ask directions.
on the way we chatted about all tht places we used to visit when we were kids in America. it was sooooooo nice to remember all that awesome stuff with mum. it was just the best, remembering all thaty days out we had and all of the places we went. it was great. anyway we got there and went in and after 2 and a half hours, managed to get most of the stuff on my list…… it came to over £180!!!!! i almost died1 i felt soooo bad that all this stuff would cost so much. i mean it’s not the greatest time for me to be going off to uni is it?

well whatever. u felt terrible.
but i’m gonna give mum the money back for some of it when i get paid on thursday. yay for pay day!!

Also, My LinLin phone strap has been shipped! hooray!!1 i fell in love with that damn thing the second i saw it.
LinLin has totally moved up my favourite list since that dream i had last month. i love her now! but she still has weird eyes~!!

Also, my Sayu PB caaaaaammmmmeeee!!! happy happy happy happy!!!!! She is so GORGEOUS! such a nosebleed-worthy photobook! there are a couple pictures where she looks a little like ManoEri.
but then you turn the page and she;s Sayu again. it really is a fantastic book. way worth the god-knows-how-much i spent on it.

it was a good purchase. can’t wait to put them all up on my new bookshelf in my room at uni.
no freaking way am i leaving all my weird fangirl H!P collection at home.
i can’t even leave my Yossie pillow upright on my bed during the day cause i’m scared people will think i’m weird. at least at uni i get slightly more privacy than my mum barging her way in. XD

anywho, it’s a great PB. one of her best definitely. wish it was longer though.

This news about Erika leaving is weird huh? Kanna is out the door and Umai is following close behind.
but as much as i like Umai i don’t think we’ll miss her too much. like with Kanna she was under-used and i think she’ll make an excellent fashion model. at least we know what she’s going on to do and not “carrying on with her studies” like other members leaving. so that’s good.

So Good for her. Good luck Umai!



One Response to “So was thinking i should post……”

  1. morningtime August 5, 2009 at 8:45 pm #

    I’ve heard a few people saying Sayu and YaManoahakeyboardo look the same. I’ve never really seen it and I like both of them. But Mano is not a bad thing to look like. I reckon at some stage in the future she’ll do a pb where she drops the cute image and drops people dead. The pics from her first pb of her on the bed in shorts is a nosebleed worthy of Sayu herself.

    As for Sayu well I slightly regret not getting the pb now. But I can’t afford it so meh. Still the exchange rate is getting slightly better so maybe one day…

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